Efficient Product Ordering Systems for Your Business

Stop Doing These Repetitive Tasks (and Get Your Product Ordering System to Do Them, Instead)

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

We at DealersCircle take a different approach. We believe that the definition of insanity is doing something that can easily be automated through the efficient use of the right software.

Perhaps the leading area of “labor redundancies” is in manufacturing—specifically, in the field of product ordering. Today’s technology allows for a wide range of options and features in your product ordering system. DealersCircle offers these exact features. So if any of the following points sound like you or your team, it’s time to stop doing what your product ordering system can do for you:

Order Documentation—Easier Than You Think

One of the first areas to identify redundancy is in order documentation, particularly because it can be so cumbersome to handle manually. In the days before software, order documentation would have to be done by hand, organized, and properly filed. This didn’t just cost labor—it cost a heck of a lot of ink.

These days, order documentation can be handled at the point of the order itself. Since an order through DealersCircle will require a dealer to enter all of the manufacturer needs to receive the order, the documentation can then easily be stored in a database, ready for printing.  DealersCircle will take care of the remaining documentation—no muss, no fuss.

Cataloguing Individual Parts for Order

Even if you’re using a software-based ordering system for documentation, you may still be missing out on time-saving features that you’re not aware even exist. The DealersCircle Parts Ordering System allows for cataloguing individual parts so that dealers can browse them easily and make their orders.

The dealer also has more options on their end, as they’re able to send notes and attachments along with their orders, entering in any custom information that the manufacturer needs to fulfill the request. This allows for personalized orders without the necessity for a personal interaction every single time a new part is ordered.

Direct Dealer-to-Manufacturer Ordering

This is likely already how you run things. But we believe in simplifying the communication between dealer and manufacturer, which means putting the power of ordering in a dealer’s hands and allowing them to submit an electronic order directly to a manufacturer. This is more efficient than both phone calls or email, as the parts ordering software of DealersCircle will then automated the processing and documentation of each order with minimal additional“human” processing needed.

Quick Options Configuration and Viewing

One of the hardest things to communicate between dealers and manufacturers are the available options on each part order. A manufacturer may have the capability to add dozens of options to a part, but it’s difficult to communicate each of these items to the dealer. DealersCircle allows you to configure your options so that they’re viewable during a dealer order, thus eliminating the need to go back and forth between dealer and manufacturer to reach an order that works for both parties.

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