How to Improve Your Warranty Claim Management System

Better warranty claim management without investing more labor—it sounds impossible, right? After all, warranty claim management can be one of the most tedious parts of the job for manufacturers and dealers alike, especially if both parties are working with outdated software.

But with the right software in place, warranty claim management can not only be easier, but it can be clearer, more direct, and foster a healthier relationship between dealer and manufacturer. Here’s how.

Reducing Questions and Uncertainty

At DealersCircle, there’s a simple method for reducing questions and uncertainty that rise over warranty claims: nipping them in the bud. That’s because our warranty claim management system allows manufacturers to configure default rates for the different types of warranties claimed. This consistent price of labor allows the dealer to know exactly what they’re getting into when it comes to the warranty offerings. These configured warranty rates are fully customizable and can even be set at different rates for different dealers.

On the dealer’s end, they can submit warranty claims directly to the manufacturer for approval through this same software, utilizing the Warranty Claim Wizard. There they can enter all of the details—the year, manufacturer, and model of the warrantied equipment, and more. Once submitted to the manufacturer, both parties can then use this Wizard to edit and consult each other about the warranty claim to ensure that it meets satisfaction.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Part of the problem that dealers face in submitting warranty claims is that they’re not able to communicate effectively with a dealer. Using a standard paper warranty claim form, for example, adds a lot of potential problems, including longer wait times, the inability to edit the warranty claim, and the inability to add pictures that might help the manufacturer better understand the need.

Using the Warranty Claim Wizard, however, allows dealers to also submit pictures of the warranty claim. This helps both the dealer and the manufacturer properly diagnose the warranty claim and estimate the amount of labor involved in fixing the issue. Leaving no stone unturned in the warranty claim process is the best way to ensure a warranty claim can be quickly and thoroughly addressed.

Automatic Recording of Warranties

Utilizing DealersCircle allows manufacturers to spend more time focusing on the warranty itself and less time on the warranty claim. This is because the software handles many of the issues around the claim itself—for example, the software can add the warranty claim to the permanent history of the product for easy reference later on. With the warranty claims recorded into the system, a manufacturer will be able to see what kind of problems dealers and customers might be having with a product.

All of these solutions for warranty claim management make the process quicker and more thorough without increasing the amount of time your people have to spend on warranty claims. This not only saves on time and money, but ultimately promotes a healthy relationship with customers and dealers when they submit warranty claims.

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