Product Ordering & Inventory Management Software

The Product Ordering module allows a manufacturer to configure custom product models along with all of the various options that are available on those models. Dealers can then quote products to customers and place orders to the manufacturer with confidence that their configuration is valid.


  • Custom product order configurator
  • Manage models
  • Customizable options
  • Configure available options per model
  • Track inventory
  • Window sticker printing
  • Reporting
  • Attachments (pictures, documents & more)


Additional Information

Manufacturers can configure products within the system by Model Year and include any options that are available on those products with specific rules that force the dealer to select the options in a specified way. For instance, the manufacturer can create Option Groups and select the way options within those groups must be selected by the dealer (ie...Select 0 or more, Must Select at least 1, Select 0 or 1, Must Select 1 or Must Select All).

Options can then be configured and assigned to the Option Groups including pictures of the option that the dealer will be able to view when making selections.

Product Models can be created and the appropriate options assigned to the appropriate models.  This will enable the dealer to order products and only choose options that are appropriate for the model of product they are ordering.

The dealer network can order products through the system in a uniform manner.  Products can be ordered for stock, for a specific customer or quoted to a customer and then turned into an actual order at a later time. 

Once a product is ordered by a dealer the manufacturer can take the product through several statuses in its life cycle. For instance, the manufacturer can place the product in Pre-Production status which will send an email notification to the dealer and give the dealer a final opportunity to make any changes to the product before it enters the Production status at which point no further changes can be made by the dealer.  Once the product has been produced and shipped to the dealer it can be marked as Shipped.  When the dealer reciever the product it can be marked Received and is then available to be sold to a customer and marked Delivered.

There are configurable email notifications that can be sent between the manufacturer and the dealer throughout this process.  The email notifications allow the users to keep up with what is going on without having to login to check statuses constantly.

All interaction between the manufacturer and dealer regarding each product is documented in detail for historical purposes.

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