Service Ticket System

The Service Ticket System can serve as an entry point for dealer or customer issues. The manufacturer can enter a categorical list of problem Symptoms and associate one or more possible Resolutions to each Symptom. This serves as knowledge base and also helps track common Symptoms and Resolutions for reporting purposes. In addition, a warranty claim or parts order can be created directly from a service ticket giving you a full audit history of the issue.


  • Ticket is entry open to dealer and manufacturer
  • Custom categorized Symptom and Resolution database
  • Users can find Resolutions on their own
  • Full audit history
  • Create warranty claims and parts orders directly from a ticket
  • Reporting
  • Attachments (pictures, documents & more)


Additional Information

Dealers can submit tickets directly to the manufacturer or the manufacturer can create tickets on behalf of the dealer or a customer.

The Symptom/Resolution database can be as basic or detailed as you desire. Attachments can be associated with Resolutions which could include pictures, illustrations, service or maintenance instructions, etc. All of this information can be displayed when a ticket is created and Symptoms are added to the ticket, which can result in users solving their own problems without direct interaction with the manufacturer. All of which saves the manufacturer time and money.

In some cases a service ticket must be resolved by escalating to a warranty claim or a parts order. With the click of a button on the Service Ticket Editor, either can be created and automatically tied to the service ticket so that a full history of events can be tracked.

A full reporting system is available to track common Symptoms and their Resolutions and help identify common problem areas.

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