Warranty Claim Management

For manufacturers with products carrying warranties that require dealers to service them and file claims with the manufacturer on a regular basis, DealersCircle is a dream come true.  The system covers a complete Warranty Claim processing module that can be tailored to meet the manufacturer's needs.


  • Structured claims process
  • Flexible labor configuration
  • Record and order needed parts
  • Full audit history
  • Product claim history
  • Email notifications
  • Reporting
  • Attachments (pictures, documents & more)


Additional Information

Manufacturers can configure Default Rate Types such as Electrical, Paint, etc...and set a default rate for this type of work that will apply to all dealers.

In addition, the Manufacturer can override these Default Rates on a per dealer basis by setting rates specific to a certain dealer.

Labor Items can be configured and assigned as an Hourly Rate labor item or a Flat Fee labor item.  In the case of Hourly Rate, the manufacturer can optionally specify the number of hours.

Dealers can submit warranty claims to the manufacturer for approval through the Warranty Claim Wizard which is a robust screen that guides the dealer through the process of creating a warranty claim.

After completion of the wizard, the dealer and the manufacturer work with the Warranty Claim Editor which allows the dealer to enter labor items, parts, attachments (pictures) and notes. A running history is kept of everything that is done with the warranty claim throughout the entire process that can be reviewed at any time.
In addition, email notifications can be configured to go out to the dealer and the manufacturer throughout the process to alert them when some action has been taken by the other party.

Manufacturers can Accept or Decline claims or send them back to the dealer for additional information. The claim handling process has numerous options to allow the manufacturer to tailor it to their needs.

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