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Management systems build better business

BY TIM HENNAGIR - Software vendors address integration, dealer needs Dealers can expand their business bottom line by paying close attention to software upgrades that can expand revenue streams. Boating Industry recently surveyed consultants and industry experts for suggestions, tips, and strategies that can be used when it’s time to consider a computer-based management system change. We asked about new software applications for the marine industry, as well as a recap of common concerns as expressed by prospective clients. It’s increasingly clear that customers want the most an application or program has to offer as they seek to enhance ...
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DealersCircle Signs on Six Additional OEM’s

Jacksonville, FL — DealersCircle, Inc. - the innovative, web-based marine industry provider that conveniently links the manufacturer, dealer and customer together with its state-of-the-art software application - has recently added six marine manufacturers and their associated dealer networks to its growing roster. Those six entities include Nautique Boats, Key West Boats, BRIG/Sirocco RIBs, Iconic Marine Group, Twin Vee Catamarans and International Pontoons. “Our proprietary software application has become a mainstay in the marine industry helping support numerous brands for 15 years,” said DealersCircle President Scott Davis. “We simplify and automate the process of boat and parts ordering, warranty claims, and ...
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Problems Manufacturers and Dealers Can’t Afford to Ignore—and How to Solve Them

If you’ve been around long manufacturing and dealers enough, you likely have a set way of doing things. You have a system of handling day-to-day interactions between manufacturing and dealers. It may not be an ideal system, but you’re glad to at least have a system in place. The problem is, you’re starting to suspect that the systems you’ve set up with dealers or manufacturers are a little outdated. More and more problems arise as customers and clients modernize their expectations. If you sense that any of the following problems are on the rise, it may be time to stop ignoring the ...
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The Most Common Signs You Need to Switch Software

As much as we hate to admit it, many of us are settled in our ways. Too many of our business processes are handled a certain way simply because “that’s how we’ve always done it.” To a certain extent, this is rational. It takes time, labor, and even money to switch things up, to train employees in new systems, and to switch things up. But sometimes, not changing systems is the biggest mistake of all. How do you know if you’re making that same mistake? Here are some of the most common signs that your current manufacturing and customer tracking software needs ...
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Four Ways to Save Time on Every Business Process

The old saying that “time is money” isn’t quite accurate. If you ask us, time is more valuable than money—because while you can sometimes get your money back, you can never get your time back. That’s why saving time in every aspect of your business is so crucial to keeping your company on top of its game. But unless you know how to save time, you’re just spinning your wheels. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of how you can save more time: #1: Unifying processes into one software system. As a company, you have to deal with what seems ...
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Dealer’s Circle 101: How it Works, and What It Does For Your Business

You’ve read about us, you’ve heard about us, and now you’re considering working with us. Great! If you’re looking for a bit of information to help determine whether or not we’re right for you, here’s the nuts-and-bolts of what we do: Defining Dealer’s Circle What is Dealer’s Circle? Simply put, we’re an online data and communications software system for product manufacturers and their dealers. We streamline everyday business processes so you can spend less time in technical and logistical work and more time focusing on the business at hand. Time is money—but at Dealer’s Circle, we save you both. How ...
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4 Effective Ways to Manage Inventory

If you are a business owner, keeping track of your inventory is one aspect of your business that you would like to be perfect as soon as possible. Managing inventory involves more than hiring an experienced employee or implementing a creative system. In any case, anticipating common mistakes in tracking inventory and knowing how to address each one will help ensure that your business is in tip-top shape. Surplus of Supplies  Entrepreneurs are sometimes afraid of not having enough supplies for their bestselling items. When this happens, working capital gets tied up and products that are not sold quickly enough can be ...
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Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Warranty Management Software

Warranty claims are often viewed as a significant cost for businesses; however, they also provide critical opportunities for companies to increase their revenue and customer satisfaction. In order to capitalize on warranty claim opportunities it is important that a business has the proper technology that can provide access to multiple types of data, analyze the correlation of the data, and generate recommendations for actions. Our warranty management software at DealersCircle is able to help companies manage warranty claim information in order to detect and manage warranties before they become an issue. A comprehensive warranty management solution requires the participation of all team ...
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Advantages of Dealership Management Systems

If you work in the automotive industry and take part in manufacturing, distribution, spare parts inventory, and work order management then you either already use or could benefit from a dealership management system (DMS). This system often includes additional components, such as customer relationship management and business intelligence, in order to track both manufacturing and customer relationship. The software is specifically designed to support the unique needs and demands of the automotive industry. Who needs a DMS? Dealership management systems are useful for individual automotive dealers; however, the software is especially useful for companies with more than one dealership in order ...
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Benefits of Warranty Management Software

Warranty Management Systems help to support efficiency in accessing and using information, as well as making information available to the manufacturer, dealers, repair centers and consumers. Warranty management software streamlines processes and allows companies to save time and money on overhead, while also improving the way in which information is handled. Instead of experiencing unnecessary waiting times, this type of software allows users to move efficiently through information and ultimately get the consumer’s product up and running faster.  Further, these systems also help companies better measure their businesses by providing valuable reporting features which allows manufacturers to provide data back to their ...
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