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“DealersCircle was easy for everyone to learn and it saves us thousands annually by preventing mistakes and definitely makes Scout more efficient. I would recommend DealersCircle to any manufacturer. It’s one of the best tools in our belt!”

Alan Lang

Scout Boats
Supra Boats

“DealersCircle has been able to provide a consistent and stable dealer facing website for us. It covers all of our unique needs, and keeps our data secure and available. The people behind the scenes are very helpful, knowledgeable, informative, and flexible to our many requests.”

Mike Shirley

Skier’s Choice

"We at Everglades Boats have been on DealersCircle since 2008 and have been very happy with both the product and the support we receive. From their willingness to reach out to new dealers for training to supporting existing dealers with any questions they may have, DealersCircle has made the lives of our staff a lot easier and cut down our labor requirements in that department. The DealersCircle site makes navigation and claims processing easy. We would highly recommend DealersCircle to any manufacturers out there."

Jeremiah Swett

Everglades Boats
Supra Boats

“ROI? That’s easy for me being on the parts and warranty side…. WELL WORTH IT! Seamless interactions with dealers concerning both parts and warranty, trackable histories, easy to use and teach new dealers / employees. You get the complete life of the boat in a few simple keystrokes… which is important when you're on the phone with a customer or dealer.”

John Buescher

Skier’s Choice

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