Documents and Correspondence

Documents and Correspondence

DealersCircle includes powerful features that can be utilized by both the dealer and the manufacturer to collect information from and retain contact with customers. Generate letters and emails to customers automatically. Take advantage of the fully customizable online survey system.



Letter generation module for correspondence with customers. Fully customizable online survey system.

Automated Letter & Email Generation

Publish news items for Dealers

Complete online survey engine

Letter template editor

Additional Information

The system includes a Survey Module that allows the dealer or manufacturer to configure customized surveys that they can then email out to their customers. The customer's will receive an email with a link they can click that will guide them to the survey. Once a customer completes a survey the results are instantly accessible by the user. Survey results can be viewed individually or though a summary screen that shows results in a graphical format.

Both the dealer and manufacturer can use the built in letter generation module to send out correspondence to their customers on demand or on a configured schedule. Letter Templates can be designed that will fill in appropriate information about the customer and/or the product that the customer is associated with. When letters are generated the specific information is filled in to the letter as it is generated. This allows the user to generate personalized letters automatically. Below is an example of the Letter Template Editor.

Schedules can be created to automatically generate letters based on certain events that occur such as the customer's birthday, when a product is ordered or delivered or when warranty claim work has been completed.

Manufacturers can post news items including documents and pictures that their dealer network will see when they login to the system. This information stays in place for as long as the manufacturer would like so the dealers can always reference it when they need it. The manufacturer can force all of his dealers to view the news screen upon login at any time with the click of a button.

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