External Systems Integration

External System Integration

DealersCircle has the ability to integrate with external systems such as a manufacturer’s MRP system. Integration can be customized such that messaging between the systems occurs when the manufacturer desires.



Eliminates double entry thereby minimizing the chance for mistakes in the order entry process, streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

Customizable trigger points

Customizable data messaging

Additional Information

Many manufacturers utilize an MRP system to drive their production process and handle their finances. DealersCircle provides an integration module that allows data to be pulled from DealersCircle at appropriate times and pushed into the external system. In addition, the external system can provide data messages to be pushed back into DealersCircle.

After integration is established product orders can flow seamlessly from DealersCircle through to the MRP system. Status updates on product orders can flow back to DealersCircle from the MRP system which automatically keeps the dealer informed about their orders.

Integration can also be established for warranty claim and parts order data allowing financial information and labor and parts line items to be pushed into the MRP system and invoicing, payment and shipping information to flow back to DealersCircle from the MRP system.

The integration capabilities provide an opportunity for a complete integrated system for the manufacturer from start to finish.

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