Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Utilize mobile devices on the production floor to track products through configured production stations. Managers can monitor real-time production floor status.



Allows the manufacturer to monitor their production floor status in real-time from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Configurable production stations

Customizable station time thresholds

Mobile optimized station entry screens

Additional Information

The Production Monitoring module allows manufacturers to configure their Production Stations and designate the appropriate production flow from one station to another. Each station has configurable time warning thresholds that alert management if a product has been in a station for an extended period of time.

Production floor operators can have DealersCircle user accounts created and designated as “Operator Only”. This allows an operator to login to DealersCircle from a smart phone or tablet where they only have access to the Station Entry screen.

Operators can Start, Pause and Complete products in their station. They can also Pause All or Resume All in their station which allows for break time that doesn’t count towards production time for the products currently in process in their station. Managers can choose to Pause All and Resume All at the system wide level which pauses and resumes all stations.

The system allows managers to keep an eye on their current production processes in real-time, enabling them to address issues quickly and efficiently.

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