The DealersCircle system is designed to streamline, simplify and improve the efficiency in which Manufacturers and their Dealer Network, Service Centers, Customers and Suppliers do business with one another.

The system is an entirely online solution that runs within all major web browsers. No client side installations are required for the users so there is virtually no software maintenance required beyond keeping browsers up to date. This also means that you can be up and running with DealersCircle very quickly.

Custom Product Ordering

Simplifies product ordering for your dealers and eliminates costly mistakes. Your dealers can spec out Product Orders based on Models and Options.

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Warranty Claim Management

Adjudicate warranty claims with your dealers/service centers. Easily implement a structured process for warranty claim submission and approval with full auditing.

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Parts Ordering

Easy parts ordering and catalog management. Implement a parts catalog and bill of materials complete with pictures. Handle parts orders with your Dealer / Service Center network.

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Service Ticket System

Manage service tickets with dealers, service centers or customers. Implement a Symptom and Resolution expert system for self help.

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Sales and Customer Tracking

Dealers can quote, sell and deliver products to customers, giving the manufacturer instant access to customer information.

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Documents and Correspondence

Letter generation module for correspondence with customers. Fully customizable online survey system.

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Dealer Network

If allowed, dealers can view product inventory of any other dealer in their network to assist in facilitating trades.

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